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Please read the following instructions carefully.
This will help you heal uneventfully and minimize possibilities of complications


Periodontal surgery for the purpose of eliminating diseased pockets and to regenerate lost support tissue is performed either with conventional flap approach or with laser technology.
LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) is an FDA approved method that utilize Nd:YAG laser device.  Dr. Jin Kim and his team have been using this protocol since 2011. Due to the unique approach of this protocol the following instructions are important:








- Sensitivity of teeth to cold and to pressure is normal and to be expected.

- Some light bleeding and oozing is to be expected.

- Mild swelling, soreness, and pain is expected and are considered as normal response.

- The gum tissue will have some blood clot that may look gray, yellow, red, blue, purple, and “stringy.” Again, this is normal and to be expected, and the color may change with time.

- Teeth may become loose, sore and tender for several weeks. Teeth will become firm and stable as as the bone and ligaments around the teeth regenerate and grow.


- Rest well. Keep your head elevated during sleep for the first two days after surgery.

- Strenuous activities should be avoided for at least 72 hours.


- Although uncommon, some individuals may experience swelling and bruising that may last 5-10 days.
- To minimize your risk of swelling immediately after surgery, apply a cold pack to your face, 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off for 2 hours. Cold packs are most beneficial
during the first 24 hours after surgery.

- Anti-inflammation medications and 


- Do not spit, rinse or wash your mouth during the first 24 hours of surgery. Do not engage in tooth
brushing for the first 14 days (2 weeks).

- Avoid peroxide and over the counter mouth rinses (Listerine etc.) during the first 4 weeks as they may dissolve blood clots and interfere with the healing process. You may carefully brush the biting surfaces of teeth, and the tongue (using tongue cleaner/scraper or toothbrush).

- Use Stellalife VEGA Oral Care Recovery kit as instructed.

- You should be be on a liquid diet for 3 days, then a diet of “mushy” soft foods for 4 days, and then a diet of smart food choices for the remainder of the month. It is very important to maintain a good food and fluid intake.

- Eat soft, but nutritious food such as eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, malts, ice cream, etc., until you can comfortably return to a normal diet. 

- Avoid spicy or excessively hot foods during the initial 3 day liquid diet period.

- Do not use straws for the first 3 days. This creates unnecessary negative pressure in the mouth that could harm the healing process.


- If antibiotics were prescribed complete the prescription as indicated by the pharmacist unless tere is an allergic reaction.

- Anti-inflammatory medications (such as Ibuprofen)are commonly prescribed. Please take this medication for at least 3-5 days even if pain is not present.

- Never place aspirin directly on the tissue of the painful area. This seems to be advocated by certain individuals, but it is a careless and dangerous act.

- Use of Stellalife VEGA Oral Care Recovery kit is highly recommended. It reduces swelling and pain, and accelerates healing response. Please follow specific instruction on product package.

The properties of StellaLife are so unique and effective, the product was awarded Editor’s Choice and Top Oral Healing, four years in a row, the highest distinction given by the DENTAL ADVISOR See FULL REPORT


- The Kim team will see you for follow-up visit as well as customized hygiene maintenance, typically within the first 2-3 weeks.

- A comprehensive evaluation will be carried out at 6 or 9 months of healing and follow-up .

- Do NOT apply excessive tongue or check pressure to the treated area.

- Do NOT brush the gum areas for two weeks. Keep the mouth clean by brushing the teeth but avoid the gum areas. This is to avoid the clots at the gumline from being disturbed.

- DO NOT chew gum, candy, cookies, chips, nuts, anything hard or crunchy, anything that has seeds or hard pieces, meat that shreds and can lodge under the gum and between teeth, raw vegetables/salad.

- DO NOT use straws.

- Do NOT use mouthwashes and rinses, in particular Listerine and chlorhexidine products (Peridex).

- DO NOT get involved with cardiovascuar type exercises for the first 5 days.


Please call the office at 909-860-9222 so that we may render further treatment if any of the following occurs:

– Prolonged or severe pain

– Excessive bleeding

– Significant progressive swelling

– Considerably elevated fever or body temperature


Dr. Jin Kim can be reached by email or his cell phone at any time at 714-514-5459. Texting is the most effective method of reaching him.

Dr. Jin Kim's EMERGENCY CONTACT 714-514-5459 (mobile)
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